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    1. Name: Anjali Kaur
    2. Age: 18 Year
    1. Name: Barkha Rawat
    2. Age: 24 Year
    1. Name: Annu Panday
    2. Age: 22 Year
    1. Name: Damini Sharma
    2. Age: 19 Year
    1. Name: Ekta Gupta
    2. Age: 21 Year
    1. Name: Jaanvi Singh
    2. Age: 26 Year
    1. Name: Khushi Walia
    2. Age: 23 Year
    1. Name: Nandani Verma
    2. Age: 27 Year

Maintain privacy on taking services from our professional escorts!

We keep the confidentiality, secrecy as well as security of our clients on utmost priority. We have a special team of secret agents, who perform their duties by using encrypted platforms. These platforms cannot be ordered by anyone for handing over the data. We ensure that all the websites or applications concerned with the secret agents are fully-managed and developed without the intervention of any third party.

We ensure our clients that any personal information shared with our agents will remain confidential for the purpose of verification of correct intentions. Our Privacy Policy has been designed by taking into comfort as well as security of our escorts and clients into consideration. Our clients are bound to ask any personal information from our escorts, including her contact details, her profile on any social media, etc. We understand how essential is it to have a privacy policy for our clients visiting the website.

What happens, if any change is made to the privacy policy?

We inform our customers about the changes that are to be made or that have to be made to our website. If any changes made to the website will affect the privacy of our clients in any manner, then we will contact such authorized customers to allow prevention from disclosure. We are aware of the rights of our customers to protect their information under the law.

Rights of our clients according to data protection law

  • Right to erasure
  • Right to data portability
  • Right to access
  • Right to restrict processing
  • Right to withdraw consent
  • Right to rectification
  • Right to object to processing
  • Right to complain to higher authorities, etc.

Scope of the privacy policy of our agency

Our privacy policy applies to the actions of our agency as well as our clients in regard to our website. It does not apply to the websites that can be accessed from our website.

Our agency determines the purpose for which and the manner in which the data collected from our clients should be processed.

Keeping data secure

We make use of technology as well as organizational measures to protect the data of our clients. Our Delhi Escorts clients can get detailed information about keeping the data secure and safe against any fraud, identity theft, and online problems or from malicious viruses by visiting our website. Also, our clients are free to contact us on feeling like unauthorized access or misuse of their data.

    1. Name: Pooja Yadav
    2. Age: 18 Year
    1. Name: Rashmi Roy
    2. Age: 24 Year
    1. Name: Poonam Singh
    2. Age: 22 Year
    1. Name: Richa Sharma
    2. Age: 19 Year

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