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    1. Name: Anjali Kaur
    2. Age: 18 Year
    1. Name: Barkha Rawat
    2. Age: 24 Year
    1. Name: Annu Panday
    2. Age: 22 Year
    1. Name: Damini Sharma
    2. Age: 19 Year
    1. Name: Ekta Gupta
    2. Age: 21 Year
    1. Name: Jaanvi Singh
    2. Age: 26 Year
    1. Name: Khushi Walia
    2. Age: 23 Year
    1. Name: Nandani Verma
    2. Age: 27 Year

Beware of our Terms and Conditions and meet your expectations!

It would be true to say that our terms, as well as the conditions of our agency, are met by all of our clients by the means of taking services from our professional escorts. We ensure our clients that our services are legal and all the natural persons are affiliated with them.

Terms and Conditions have the following meanings and are meant for both our escorts and clients:

  • We must be informed by our escorts for any changes in their contact details or any other personal information necessary to keep our records significant.
  • We give freedom to our clients for taking or not taking services from us or our escorts. Also, they are not bound to choose escorts from our pool of escorts available in our gallery.
  • An agreement will be created between us and our clients at the time when our clients take services from us and would remain valid until the cancellation of the request of our clients for the removal of their information.
  • We possess the right to make amendments to our website anytime we want.
  • Nothing in the agreement creates a partnership or any mutual relationship between our clients and our escorts or us.
  • Our agency will not owe the responsibility of any incident or mishappening taking place. Both our clients as well as the escorts would be responsible for their actions during that date. If our clients are calling the escorts for taking outcall services, then they would be held responsible for proposing a safe place for meeting.
  • The minimum age for any application for a man is 19 years or more.
  • Subscription can be taken or ended up anytime by our clients by sending an email or calling us.
  • Our clients cannot impersonate with the Delhi Escorts working with us by giving any false information, else their subscription will be canceled.
  • Our clients are required to make the payment upon the time of arrival of our escorts.

Breaches of the Terms and conditions

We inform our customers that breach of the terms and conditions in any circumstances, our agency may deal with the person anyway it wants and may take action, including prohibiting such persons for accessing the website, suspension of the access of the website, blocking the computers of such person using the IP address from accessing the website, bringing the court/proceedings against them, etc.

    1. Name: Pooja Yadav
    2. Age: 18 Year
    1. Name: Rashmi Roy
    2. Age: 24 Year
    1. Name: Poonam Singh
    2. Age: 22 Year
    1. Name: Richa Sharma
    2. Age: 19 Year

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